Wednesday, January 20

Kevin Garnett Slaps Ryan Anderson In The Face, Anderson Is Called For Foul

Kevin Garnett has long had a reputation as kind of an underhanded player. Some fellow NBAers have straight up called him dirty. Even if you don't believe that, he's definitely gotten away with some things, so to speak.

Now, at age 39, KG is still going strong. In Minnesota's laughably bad loss to the Pelicans, a game they lost 114-99 even though they were once winning by 17, Garnett was running down the court. He thought the Pelicans' Ryan Anderson got in his he SLAPPED HIM IN THE FACE. Naturally, Anderson was called for the foul, because...well, it's KG. The officials even reviewed the play and still left the foul on Anderson. Would you expect anything less?

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