Saturday, December 19

Mom Hits Halfcourt Shot To Win Scholarship For Her Daughter

Minnesota seems to get the craziest basketball stories. There was the high-school kid who made a game-winning shot while lying on his back, and now there's the tale of Angela Ramey and her daughter Grace.

Grace, 9, attends Bethany Academy in Bloomington, and raised the most donations in the school's Kids Against Hunger campaign, which serves local food shelves. Her prize was a few cracks at a halfcourt shot–if she made it, she'd win half a year of tuition. After a couple of attempts fell short, Angela tried the ol' granny-style heave ho. She missed badly, but the ball had enough momentum that it bounced on the floor and ended up going in. The reaction is priceless. Check it out above. Way to go, Rameys.

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