Monday, November 16

Wheel Of Fortune Contestant Makes Silly Guesses During Final Puzzle

Last week was Veterans' Week on Wheel of Fortune. In first place was an oddball contest named Nura, who made some quirky guesses during the "Final Spin" segment on a recent episode. She guessed the letters Z, U, and X, and also had two guesses go by without actually saying anything.

I honestly cannot remember ever seeing that before, but astute viewers are theorizing that Nura actually threw the final round to allow Scott, the red player, to score some cash. He entered the round with zero dollars, and as Nura had already secured about $14,000 in cash and prizes, nobody was going to catch her. It's either a terrible performance or a terribly noble performance, but it's wonderful viewing regardless.

Also special shout out to Nura's Final Puzzle segment: she had no clue what the answer was, so she just went "I enjoyed myself" during the 10-second countdown. So wonderful.

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