Saturday, October 10

Raven Symone Says She Wouldn't Hire Someone With A "Ghetto" Name

I remember thinking Raven Symone was kind of cute on That's So Raven (though of course her friend was much cuter). Either way, it's gone downhill. And now, sporting a hairdo that can be best be described as "rooster-esque," Symone is making waves on The View. Not in a good way, either.

Revisiting the wonderfully distasteful "Top Ghetto Names" video from...I don't know, a dozen years ago? the quintet of ladies at the table discuss if you'd be discriminatory against someone because of their name. Raven Symone would be, saying she wouldn't hire someone if their name was, say, "Watermelondrea." I'm assuming it's because it's a "ghetto" name, and not because it would make you want watermelon every time you talked to them, but either way, not the best work by Symone.

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