Thursday, October 22

Nintendo Releases "Wild Gunman" For "Back To The Future Day"

If you did just about anything today, from going online to talking to a stranger, you probably learned it was "Back to the Future Day." In the sequel Back to the Future II, Marty McFly and Doc Brown travel to the future, which was set for October 21, 2015. This means that after today, this entire movie is set in the past. That's kind of depressing.

Anyway, there's a scene where Marty goes to play an arcade game called Wild Gunman. He completely owns it, and now you can, too! Without fanfare, Nintendo's European division released a port of the game on Wii U. It's not quite the same thing as an arcade machine, but it'll do the nostalgia job quite nicely. And if you need some motivation, here's Marty kickin' butt in the movie:

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