Sunday, October 4

Austin Now Has Its Own Wakeboard Cable Park

Next Level Ride, a wakeboard cable park owned and operated by husband and wife team, Curt and Niki Sotkovski, just opened off of Highway 71. The pair joined a wakeboarding team in college, and that hobby turned into full-fledged passion, culminating in the creation of the Austin park.

A wakeboarding cable park is a man-made body of water, surrounded by large towers that connect a cable. A wakeboarder holds onto the cable as he or she is pulled around on the water navigating obstacles like ramps and rails. 

At Next Level Ride, the majority of the obstacles are custom-made by the Next Level Ride team. Riders of all ages can enjoy this fast growing outdoor water sport, even if you're as wildly inexperienced as me. Curt and Niki’s sons, Jackson (six years old) and Maddox (four years old) are getting the hang of it as they get lessons from their parents and Park Manager, Mike Pempsell on the Little Bro smaller cable. And if they can pull it off, anyone can.

The core Next Level Ride team have all graduated with kinesiology degrees, and are invested in helping people learn how to get their boarding on.

Even more events and obstacles will be added in the coming months, but for now, passes to the park can be purchased at So take advantage of living in a place with nice weather 345 days of the year and catch a few waves! You'll have fun and make the Beach Boys proud. Win-win all around.

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