Thursday, July 2

England Breaks Hearts Everywhere With Terrible Loss On Own Goal

I'm not going to lie and pretend I enjoy watching soccer, or even say I've really followed the Women's World Cup. But this is an absolutely heartbreaking way to lose. 

That's England defender Laura Bassett attempting to clear the ball in the 92nd minute of play against Japan. Unfortunately, Bassett's shot was a bit low, hitting the crossbar and going across the goal line. That gave Japan a gift goal, and when the whistle blew less than a minute later, the 2-1 victory. Japan moves on to face the United States on Saturday in a rematch of the 2011 Women's World Cup championship.

Bassett was understandably a wreck afterwards, but this is apparently the farthest the women's English team has ever gotten. Plenty of pride in that. They'll play Germany in the third place game.

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