Tuesday, May 12

Marv Albert Asks Chris Webber About The Timeout David Blatt Tried To Call With None Remaining

Chris Webber is one of my favorite broadcasters on TNT. He clearly knows the game well, and does a good job of breaking down situations for the casual basketball fan. Unfortunately, one of the things he's best remembered for is calling a timeout when his team didn't have any during his Michigan days. That timeout cost his team a shot at the National Championship.

Cavs coach David Blatt almost "pulled a C-Webb" during Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Semis between Cleveland and Chicago. He walked out onto the court signaling for a timeout at least four times, but fortunately for him, the officials didn't see that. During Game 5, Marv Albert asked Webber what he thought about the phantom timeout. It was clearly a pre-planned segment, but it was still some good humor amongst the two. Well done, TNT.

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