Saturday, May 23

Mad Max Parody Trailer Features Mario Sound Effects

Mad Max: Fury Road is the latest box office craze. I've heard all sorts of reviews via Facebook timeline (really the only way to know if a movie is worth its weight in salt nowadays), ranging from "feminist crap" to "I liked it. I loved it. I want some more of it." The consensus is that I don't really want to see the movie in theaters, but hey, I've been to three movies in theaters in the past year and a half, and one of those was free! Actually, two were, because my parents paid for another one. But that's neither here nor there.

What IS here (and there), is this Mad Max parody trailer, which strategically inserts Mario Kart sound effects and graphics. It's cheesy and some of the effects are very well done. Unfortunately, I don't think they put enough in there. There were several points where I forgot I was watching a parody and thought I was just seeing the Mad Max trailer. And that's exactly the kind of thing I'd skip over while waiting for my YouTube video to load.

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