Tuesday, March 17

Jimmy Kimmel And Matthew McConaughey Make Local Television Commercials For Vulcan Video

Vulcan Video is an Austin landmark--it's still alive and kickin', despite having a collection of old VHS tapes for rental. Granted, they have plenty of DVDs as well, making for an absurdly large and obscure collection that puts Netflix to shame. It also just oozes that kind of 90s/early 2000s charm that Blockbuster and whatever that other video store that was basically the same thing as Blockbuster didn't really have.

Fortunately, Jimmy Kimmel is in town for SXSW, and he wants to help out ol' Vulcan Video. He's brought along Austin (well, technically Round Rock) native Matthew McConaughey to put together three bitchin' spots for the video store. They even come complete with tracking. Check 'em out!

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