Tuesday, February 3

Was Super Bowl XLIX the best Ever? Who Cares...What A Finish!

If you somehow missed the Super Bowl, you're a) nuts, and b) someone I don't want to be talking to. But I do want you to read this blog, so keep reading!

The highlights above sadly do not include Katy Perry standing on a big mechanical tiger, nor do they feature her riding the "The More You Know" star. But they do include a few plays we may forget as this Super Bowl goes on. Most notably: Dont'a Hightower's incredible shoestring tackle on Marshawn Lynch. Forget about taking down one of the best backs in football by himself. Hightower sheds a block from Russell Okung, one of the top linemen in the NFL, then lunges at a full-speed Lynch to trip him up before Akeem Ayers completes the tackle. Simply amazing. Can it be next season already?

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