Sunday, August 17

Kevin Hart, Dave Franco Star In New Madden 15 Commercial

If only EA Sports put this much effort into actually improving Madden each year...

Kevin Hart and Dave Franco star in a way over-the-top commercial for Madden 15, the 26th installment in the series. The last really good Madden I've played is Madden 2006, which, as you may recognize, is nearly ten years old. That's a problem for a series that routinely underdelivers. And why would they bother? They've got a monopoly on professional football games, and suckers will keep buying them every year, even when the only new addition is more realism added to the grass on the field (that was actually highlighted on the box of a previous Madden game as a new feature to look for).

But anyway, this commercial is ridiculous enough that people should love it. Keep an eye out for a number of NFL cameos, including Von Miller, Richard Sherman, Colin Kaepernick, Eddie Lacy, LeSean McCoy, Dez Bryant, and inexplicably Damian Lillard, despite the fact he plays in the NBA. I guess all the other footballers were busy. Enjoy!

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