Saturday, August 2

Hooligans: The Bravest App Takes Soccer To A New Level

Finding yourself with soccer withdrawal this summer, now that the World Cup is a few weeks in the rearview mirror? Well, fear not. Argentine-based Artik Games' "Hooligans: The Bravest" is just the scratch your itch ordered.

Okay, so this isn't exactly a mobile rendition of FIFA 14. But it is the world's first soccer-themed battle arena action game. And sometimes you just need to kick the crud out of the man that's keeping you down.

The storyline is simple: the dastardly government has outlawed the sport of soccer from the land. But the Hooligans won't stand for that, and it's up to you to get soccer back. And the gameplay is packed with enough goodies that you can play for several hours without getting bored. My favorite is recruiting new players to join your team with special drinks. It's like how college football programs do things.

"Hooligans: The Bravest is $2.99" and available for the iPhone and the iPad. Check it out!

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