Friday, August 8

31 Days of Calvin and Hobbes: Day 8

It's not explicitly stated where Calvin and Hobbes live. Clearly it's a place that has snow, although in one strip Hobbes says their house is by the "E" in "UNITED STATES" when you look at a map. I'm just going to assume this map is the one he's talking about, and oh my goodness, Calvin and Hobbes is set in Chicago. I'm just going to decide that's true.

In any case, Calvin often builds snowmen during the winter. Usually they're pretty morbid, and none capture the ridiculousness of his creations better than this strip above. I would love to just one day have the amount of snow that Calvin has to pull some of his masterpieces off. I mean, he builds roughly five snowmen in this strip. That's pretty impressive!

There's a fantastic gallery of most of Calvin's snowmen creations here. They truly are a thing of beauty.

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