Friday, July 4

Ranking the Pokemon: #28- Exeggutor

If we were doing a ranking of Pokemon's ugliness, Exeggutor would easily be in the Top 5 (or maybe Bottom 5, depending on how you look at it). Much like its prevolution Exeggcute, this Grass-type is just a hideous bunch of eggs, although now they've sprouted troll-like hair and a reptilian body. It's weird, and quite frankly, disgusting to look at. The face on the right also looks incredibly high, or perhaps like something that just relieved itself. Or maybe both. Simultaneously.

Exeggutor's main weakness is that its slow. But with an insanely good Special and above-average HP, Attack and Defense, you'll be doing aight for yourself regardless. Utilize both of the Exeggutioner's types with SolarBeam and Psychic. For the other moves, I'm a fan of Double-Edge and Reflect, though you could certainly put Double Team on there for some accuracy-reducing annoyance. Or toss Explosion on as a last ditch effort. As we've learned, exploding Pokemon are fun.

As a side note, apparently Exeggutor is 6'7" and about 245 pounds. That's fairly comparable to LeBron James's size. What's more, the three heads all think independently, but also all work together and never squabble. So basically, Exeggutor is a solid basketball team. Teamwork makes the dream work, kids.

Battling Grade: A-

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