Friday, July 11

LeBron James Headed Back to Cavs, Heat Fans Boarding Flights To Cleveland

Well, that's it. We can finally end the speculation of "The Indecision 2.0." LeBron James is returning to the Cavs to try and lead Cleveland to its first professional title, since...I don't know, James Polk was president?

In a letter posted to Sports Illustrated, LeBron explains his reasons for coming back. I loved the analogy I heard (not sure from where, originally, so I apologize for that) of his four years in Miami being like college. He wanted to sow his oats, explore somewhere new. And now that he's done that, he's ready to come back home. I get it; I went to college in Miami myself. Granted, I've lived in two other cities besides where I grew up since then, but hey, the first part is the same. And if LBJ does bring a championship to Cleveland, he'll probably be as beloved as he was hated in 2011. Redemption certainly does taste sweet.

As for Heat fans, they probably feel like this right about now:

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