Thursday, June 19

"Frankenfood" Brings Craziness To The Kitchen

Ever mixed a few things while cooking that others might consider a monstrosity? Well, Spike TV has the show for you--"Frankenfood", which features unlikely combinations of food that usually, but not always, results in deliciousness. One such example is a spaghetti-filled hamburger, which, personally, sounds incredible. And hey, it's at least fun to try something new, right?

The show is promoting itself via free food truck in a number of cities. Austin is one of those cities, and the list of stops is below. So if you're around the area (and Austin is small enough that you're basically always around the area), come grab some free food!

Wednesday 11am - 2pm: The Park on Barton Creek - 3711 S. Mopac Espressway
Thursday 5pm - 9pm: Austin Beerworks 3009 Industrial
Friday 11am - 2pm: Riata Corporate Park 12331 B Riata Trace Parkway

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