Tuesday, April 29

Paul George Gets Heckled By Fan, Insults Are Crystal Clear

Paul George is the best player on the Indiana Pacers, but that really doesn't matter, as the team is one loss away from perhaps the biggest meltdown ever in NBA history. They haven't won back to back games in over a month, and now have to win two or else they'll bow out in the first round against the Hawks, who finished this season at 37-45. That's eight games below .500, for those of you scoring at home.

One Pacer fan in particular thought George could be doing better. He had a point; the team was down 21 at home in the second quarter. And, thanks to the fan being somewhat close to the NBATV microphones, his heckling of the All-Star was picked up quite clearly. And it's a beauty. Enjoy.

Note: Paul George's house also got robbed during the game. Rough night all around.

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