Wednesday, March 26

The Phoenix Suns Imported Gerald Green Into NBA Jam And It's Awesome

People of my generation should remember NBA Jam, which is one of the best basketball games ever made, and absolutely a top five arcade game ever. The two-on-two action, the crazy powerups, the excitable announcer who only really said things like "He's heating up!" and "He's on fire!" It was magical.

Well, someone in the Phoenix Suns organization shares those same fond memories that I do. After Gerald Green put up 41 points against the Thunder, the team made a little video inserting Green into the game. And it's very well done. Highlights include Green's ratings (really? 6 out of 10 for passing? That seems generous), the on-point graphics, and the incredible dunk at the end. That's worth a "boom-shakalaka" for sure.

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