Thursday, March 20

Ranking the Pokemon: #50- Nidoqueen

What a surprise, Nidoqueen again is right next to her male brethren. I'm nothing if not predictable. Anyway, Nidoqueen wins in this head-to-head bout because I like blue better than purple, and she's more ferocious. That hearing doe...

I also just realized her breast plate and pouch or whatever is on her stomach combine to look like a weird smiley face. That kind of creeps me out, but it's too late to do anything about it, so we'll allow it.

Battling-wise, Nidoqueen's stats are basically the inverse of Nidoking's: HP and Defense are the best, though Attack ain't bad, either. And the Special and Speed are aight. Also like Nidoking, the Queen Nido learns pretty much no useful moves naturally (Body Slam may be an exception), but can hold its own thanks to a wide variety of TMs. I'm pretty sure it's the same set as Nidoking, so...see that one, conveniently located just below this paragraph. Anything to generate more page clicks.

Battling Grade: B

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