Sunday, March 9

NBA Rush Pits Ballers Versus Aliens

After the Bulls made all my fair-weathered Miami friends start pining for the playoffs today, the basketball world is a great place. With the free iPhone app NBA Rush, you can take Bulls and Heat players (plus over 90 ballers from other teams) and turn 'em against aliens.

Tony Parker slamming one home for Mother Earth.
Starting off with the Spurs' Kawhi Leonard, Chicago's Joakim Noah, and Dallas' Jose Calderon, players run through a ravaged apocalyptic world as aliens chase them down. Utilize power-ups to make your NBA-er even better, and raise your tag meter (used to swap in other players) with crazy dunks and super jumps. Gain more NBA talent for your dream team by collecting coins and diamonds.

NBA Rush an incredibly simple premise, but it's definitely worth checking out. Plus the animations when your players get caught is pretty entertaining. And you can't beat the price–it's free, after all! Check it out right here in the iTunes store.

David Lee about to throw down on some alien scum.

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