Sunday, December 22

Sunday Thoughts: Week 16

A big congrats to Peyton Manning for breaking the single-season touchdown pass record, as he's now thrown for 51 scores in just 15 games. That's absurd, and a total he'll most likely add to in next week's season finale. Way to go, Peyton. Now, let's get to the rest of Week 16's action:

-The Miami Dolphins easily win our Worst Team of the Week. It never ceases to amaze me that a team can be fighting for its playoff life and still manage to lay a complete stinker as the Dolphins did, throwing for 82 yards in a 19-0 loss to the Buffalo Bills. As you may expect, four field goals and one short rushing touchdown makes this our Most Boring Game of the Week as well. Keep in mind the Bills were starting their fourth-string quarterback. NOT GOOD, MIAMI.

-Not to be outdone, the Baltimore Ravens' level of ineptitude was quite high this week, as well. After a gritty 18-16, let's-not-score-a-touchdown-whatsoever win over the Lions last week, the Ravens promptly came out at home against the Patriots, a team they've had past success against, and...lost 41-7. The Patriots had two defensive touchdowns in the final minute to make things a little more of a blowout, but Baltimore again was abysmal offensively. I'm fairly certain Joe Flacco only completed two passes in the first half.

-Meanwhile, the Detroit Lions were 6-3 a little over a month ago, in the driver's seat for the playoffs. Now they're 7-8 and have no shot of making the postseason. They lost to the Giants, who you may remember gave up on football about three weeks ago and scored zero points as recently as last week. 

-Hey, it's another team that likes shooting themselves in the foot! The Green Bay Packers' Matt Flynn wins our Stupid Play of the Week. I'm not sure if jumping while throwing is something he practices often, but yikes. This is bad. The Steelers ended up winning by seven, so...that kind of was the game. Yet the Packers, just like all these other godawful teams, still have a shot to make the playoffs. Even the Steelers, who were 4-7 and 5-8, have a shot. Meanwhile, one of the Cardinals, Panthers, Saints or 49ers will not make the playoffs, despite the fact they may all finish at 11-5 (or, at the very worst, 10-6). Pathetic.

-Let's give the Cardinals some dap, too. They overcame four interceptions from Carson Palmer and got a 17-10 win in Seattle (while almost earning our Most Boring Game of the Week award). Considering the Seahawks haven't lost at home since the Carter administration, that's really impressive. Arizona had to win its last two games (against Seattle and San Francisco) to make the playoffs, and they're halfway there.

-Continuing on positive mentions, the Chargers were locked in a tight one with the Raiders, but managed to pull away and keep their dim playoff hopes alive. Of all these crappy teams fighting for playoff spot in the AFC, San Diego is the most entertaining to watch, so I'm pulling for them.

-The Colts and Chiefs gave us a preview of a likely first round matchup as they squared off in Kansas City. And Indy throttled the Chiefs, scoring the final 23 points in a 23-7 win. This Indy team has now demolished the Niners and Chiefs on the road, and took care of the Seahawks and Broncos at home. Yet they also barely beat the Raiders, lost at home to the Rams by 30 and on the road at Arizona by 29. They're an enigma for sure, but my doppleganger Andrew Luck and company will give anyone fits in the playoffs.

-If the Bengals are at home, they look really good. They're 7-0 in Cincinnati this season and have scored over 40 points in each of their last four games. That doesn't bode well for Baltimore next week. Of course, now that I wrote that, the Ravens will win 38-7 in Week 17.

-The Bears are bad and they should feel bad.

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