Sunday, October 27

Sunday Thoughts: Week 8

The Bears didn't have a game this week, but alas, my heart still felt some strain this week as I watched all this nonsense unfold on the field. It's good to be a fan of football in general, but boy is it frustrating sometimes. Let's get to the highlights.

-The Chiefs defense is very good. You probably already knew this, but halfway through the second quarter they hadn't even given up a first down. Granted, they were playing against the corpse of Jason Campbell-led Browns, but still. That's really impressive. Of course, the Browns then pulled a flea flicker and got a touchdown, proving that all you need to do to beat the Chiefs is use your NFL Blitz playbook.

-Thad Lewis got absolutely demolished against the Saints. I exclaimed loudly on a number of occasions (at least three), and I'm not sure if his head actually came off on one sack. It's not healthy to have that many large men jostling your inner organs. In the same game, Fred Jackson had 44 rush yards with three minutes left in the 1st quarter. He finished with 45. My fantasy team is disappointed in him. But my fantasy team is disappointed in everyone this week, so he'll get a pass.

-The Patriots had a really cool interception, courtesy of Devin McCourty and Marquice Cole. Unsurprisingly, it was against the Dolphins, who have done a great job of blowing leads this season. 

-Calvin Johnson had more receiving yards than the entire Cowboys team. Amazing. And he was just seven yards shy of breaking the single-game receiving record. He finished with 14 catches for 329 yards and a touchdown. And a lost fumble, but hey, if you have him on your fantasy team and lost, your team is terrible. Much like mine.

-Speaking of terrible, that Cowboys/Lions game was anything but. 41 of the 61 total points scored in the 4th quarter, and an incredibly exciting finish have this in the running for Game of the Year. It was also just the second time in history (I think they flashed that graphic) a team has won after having four more turnovers than the other team. Well done.

-With just three offensive points in their last two games, the Philadelphia Eagles are our Worst Team of the Week. Their only score in this one came when the Giants snapped the ball about 18 feet over their punter's head, and lost about 40 yards before the Iggles scooped up the ball and ran it in.

-Garrett Hartley...make a field goal why don'tcha! Want a good recipe for failure in a fantasy league? Have all but one of your players score less than their projected totals. Let's hope that stench of disappointment isn't all over me in my flag football league tomorrow #personaldiatribes2013

-Terrelle Pryor ran for a 93-yard touchdown on the first play of the game. Remember when the Steelers were a good defense? BECAUSE I DON'T. They were very close to being the worst team of the week, along with the Jets.

-Speaking of 'em, the Jets seem to be the easiest team in the league to bet. You simply pick them to win in odd-numbered weeks, and lose in even-numbred weeks. Obviously this'll change after their bye, but the pattern has held true so far. They look competent in their wins, and look like chickens missing their heads, legs, beaks and ability to cluck in their losses. It's truly spectacular.

-I knew the Cardinals were a sneaky tough team, but I didn't know the Falcons were this bad. They better trade Tony Gonzalez to a contender ASAP.

-Cordarrelle Patterson tied the NFL record for a 109-yard return, doing so on the opening kickoff of the game against the Packers. Since you can't have a play longer than that, the record will always stand. Not too shabby.

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