Monday, September 30

Sunday Thoughts: Week 4

Yes, yes, I know this is being posted on a Monday. But with the chaos that was the series finale of Breaking Bad, you'll forgive me for sobbing uncontrollably for several hours and being unable to compose myself enough to write about Week 4 yesterday. So, we're a day late, but the thoughts remain the same!

The Baltimore Ravens apparently have two good running backs in Ray Rice and Bernard Pierce. And they played a team that just gave up 654 yards to Bilal Powell. But did Baltimore utilize Raynard Rierce? Of course not. They ran only a combined nine times for 24 yards. Meanwhile, Joe Flacco passed the ball on 30 consecutive plays.

Sometimes the Worst Team of the Week is too easy. This has been the case virtually every week the season, so instead we're going to go to rename this the Worst Team of the Week That Isn't the Jaguars and give it to the Pittsburgh Steelers. Hey, when your own quarterback is saying you're the worst team in the league, things aren't going well. And I couldn't think of a more deserving prick to be leading this team than Ben Roethlisberger. What a conceited jerk that guy is.

If you're a fan of scoring, this was your week. Ten different teams, counting the Niners 35-11 win on Thursday, reached 30 points. My Bears were the only ones to do so in a losing effort, which surely must be a point of pride.

Sweet lord, can anyone stop the Denver Broncos? There's been a theory going around that Evil Peyton Manning is heading up their offense, and won't stop until he gets a "666" of 600 points, 6,000 yards, and 60 touchdowns. I'm completely buying into said theory. They're the best team in the league right now BY FAR.

The best team in the NFC, meanwhile, is probably the Seahawks, who gritted out a tough 23-20 road overtime win against the Houston Texans, courtesy of Matt Schaub making a terrible throw that Richard Sherman picked off and returned for a touchdown. Much of said interception return was done without one of Sherman's shoes. Pretty impressive.

The Chiefs throttled the Giants pretty easily, 31-7, but New York's Antrel Rolle had one of the best interceptions I've ever seen. Check it out in GIF form.

Our Stupid Play of the Week is Geno Smith doing his own impersonation of the butt fumble. And, as you'd expect, it does not go well.

Tough day for refs. First, Nate Washington made a catch and landed on a ref, then got up and ran for a touchdown. Later in the afternoon, Brandon Boykin has no regard for refs in his way. NO REGARD.

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