Monday, August 19

Korean First Pitches Are Amazing

The Doosan Bears of the Korean Baseball Organization have had a number of memorable first pitches this year, and they're chronicled in the above video. Unlike the terrible opening pitches we generally see in the States, these are actually good pitches, too. A few notes:
  • Why are there batters in the box during these first pitches? Fortunately the accuracy is pretty much there, but what if one of these girls uncorked some wild chin music and took a batter out? Seems very unsafe to me.
  • All of these would almost certainly be called balks.
  • Why do all of them hold that "stretch" with the ball over their head? Must be a requirement.
  • I wish I could do crazy flips from a standing position.
Regardless of the nuances of the first pitches, these are great. Enjoy 'em.

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