Monday, June 24

Lonely Island's "Go Kindergarten" Video Gets an Upgrade, and it Rocks

I've always thought it would be funny if an artist released a song that insulted the listener, but the beat was so catchy no one even really cared. The Lonely Island have kind of done that with a club banger featuring Robyn. So already I knew I was going to like it. However, the original video, entitled "Dance Rehearsal," was a pretty stupid parody of Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines," so I'm very glad they made a legitimate video with Paul Rudd and Sean Combs.

With lines like "Punch your friend in the face" and "eat garbage," the fake rap trio try to see just how far the sheep at clubs will go. And the answer is "pretty damn far." Robyn wins for best line, though: "So raise your glass, now break the glass, then stomp your bare feet on the glaaassss." Poetry.

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