Monday, March 4

The Buzzer Beater Heard 'Round the World

In high school basketball, New York's New Rochelle squared off against Mount Vernon. Apparently New Rochelle already won an earlier game on a halfcourt shot, but no one could have imagined this at all. 

17-year-old Khalil Edney tried to toss a full court pass to his teammate Joe Clarke, but it was intercepted by a Mount Vernon player. That player then decided to toss the ball softly in the air, but Edney, who alertly followed his pass up the court, runs in and hits a 60-footer just before the buzzer goes off. Apparently Edney almost missed the game with an ankle injury, which makes this even more impressive. Watch the madness, as Mount Vernon starts celebrating after the refs rule it no basket, then New Rochelle gets to dance as the basked is, in fact, counted. Incredible.

As a side note, this reminded me of Michael Ruffin's errant toss into the air that Morris Peterson turned into a game-tying bucket several years back. Good stuff.

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