Tuesday, January 15

Ranking the Pokemon: #68- Rapidash

Rapidash holds a special place in my heart. You see, the first time I played Pokemon Blue, I used my normal name: Joey. Or I guess it was in all caps, so it was like JOEY. Regardless, I barely knew about the MissingNo. glitch, and I certainly didn't know that your name could have an effect with said glitch. 

For those who haven't pulled it off, you trigger the glitch by talking to an old man in one town, then flying to another town and immediately surfing on a line of graphics that are both land and water. There's a whole explanation of the programming of the game, and why this works, but eventually you'll trigger a battle animation, only it'll be with something that's not normal in the game. Sometimes it's a mess of graphics called MissingNo. (for Missing Number), sometimes it's just like M', and sometimes it's a Level 138 or equally outrageous and impossible number Pokemon. That Pokemon is dependent on your name you chose way back at the beginning of the game. This name can't be switched, so if you don't like the Poke that shows up, you have to start all over. I learned later the way to make it so Mewtwo appears, and then stocked up on them. Awesome.

But the point of that long story is that the first time I played, Rapidash was that random Pokemon that appeared. It's not very good otherwise. It has solid Attack and Speed, yet as a Fire type, its special leaves a lot to be desired, and it doesn't even really learn any good moves. Not even naturally, just at all. I'm not a fan of Fire Blast, as it's only got 5 PP and is horrendously inaccurate, and Fire Spin is more annoying than useful. Sadly, that might be your best bet for a moveset--something like Agility and Fire Spin, and then two other moves you'll never really use. Yikes.

Battling Grade: C

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