Tuesday, January 29

New Lonely Island!

Any fan of this blog knows I'm a big fan of The Lonely Island. After Andy Samberg left SNL, the Digital Shorts, often the highlight of episodes, still existed, but they just weren't very good. Not to say all of Samberg's Digital Shorts were great, but even something as stupid as Dear Sister usually made me laugh, at least.

The trio is back with "YOLO," a song featuring Adam Levine and Kendrick Lamar, and utilizing the popular "you only live once" message from Drake. Of course, stupid idiots took YOLO to new heights, doing something...well, stupid like peeing on a cop car or getting a dumb tattoo because, hey, you only live once! The Lonely Island reminds us of that, but rather than living wildly, they advise extreme caution. 

The problem is, I'm not sure how I feel about the song itself. Lines like avoiding children because they have "mad lice," and "two words about furniture: killing machines" make me giggle, but the song is certainly nowhere near as catchy as "Lazy Sunday" or "I Just Had Sex," which were the debut singles of the first two Lonely Island albums. Kendrick Lamar's verse is kind of a throwaway, and I just hate YOLO so much, that even though the idea gets turned on its head, I'm still irritated by it. Oh well, at least this is still better than most of what's on the radio.

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