Sunday, January 13

Kid Hits Halfcourt Shot From Behind His Head

This one's been making the rounds on the internets lately, and with good reason. Mimicking NBA mascots everywhere, this guy catches a pass and just flings it over his head. Not even looking at the basket, yet he still cashes it. According to the uploader of the video, the red team is up by 16 prior to the shot going in, so it's not like this won the game or anything. But as someone who's made a shot from halfcourt in an actual game before (albeit facing forward), it's still an awesome feeling.

There are a number of highlights from this video. My personal favorite is #12 on the red team eventually high-fiving himself because no one else will (around the 19-second mark). Other things that you might miss on the first viewing are the random folks rushing the court, that the red team has a girl playing, and said red team's excitement that the whole moment was captured on video. Just a magical time. Enjoy!

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