Wednesday, December 19

12 Days of Karaoke 2012 Day 5: "Fat Lip" by Sum 41

In this case, we're going to put the video that I made wayyyy back in the day for this song instead of the actual music video. OH WELL.

"Fat Lip" is one of those songs that just screams 90s, despite the fact it actually was released in 2001. And people love 90s sounding songs, even if yours isn't technically from that decade. It's just a good catchy song, and in fact, made a list of the most catchy songs ever. So you have that going in your favor. It's best to do this one with a buddy so you can alternate lines back and forth, especially in the bridge. Of course, it's still doable solo, I just personally have more fun when I'm tag teaming this with someone. It also holds the honor of being the only karaoke song I've performed at a Six Flags theme park (Great America in Gurnee, IL), and that's pretty neat. 

Day 5 2010

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