Tuesday, August 14

The Onion Taking 'Sex House' to New Heights

Satirical website The Onion is involved in a bevy of shows this summer, but none is more interesting than "Sex House." The site (and newspaper) is perfect at toeing the line between sounding completely farcical and getting you to think "Hey, maybe there can be a reality show where the main goal is to have sex."

Of course this show continues that trend. The characters are all a wacky bunch, too. Whether it's a married man with two kids, an 18-year-old virgin, or a gay black guy who is understandably upset about there being no other gay people on the show, you'll be sure to find someone to root for. Or detest. Either/or.

Check out Episode 5 above, and if it's something you dig, you can start right here on the series. Definitely some entertaining stuff.

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