Tuesday, May 8

There's a Chicken on the Pitch!

Early in the Blackburn/Wigan match Monday, a chicken wandered onto the field. Well, it didn't so much wander as it did get forcefully placed and shoved onto the pitch.

Apparently it may have been sent out by Blackburn fans, who were understandably disgusted that their squad was about to get relegated down a league, which happens in soccer (and should definitely be adopted by U.S. leagues--how awesome would it be to see teams like the Bobcats and Wizards demoted and the Los Angeles D-Fenders and Austin Toros brought up to the NBA? Wait...on second thought, we don't need a third team in Los Angeles. Yeah, let's not do that). The fans put a flag on the chicken and sent it out to wreak havoc. It got tangled up in the goal and was removed in less than a minute by some of the players. Pretty impressive response. If this happened in a baseball game it would probably take over 20 minutes for the distraction to be removed.

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