Saturday, May 12

Reggie Evans Gets a Technical Foul For...A High Five?

Thanks to my buddy Bobby I was able to attend Friday night's game between the Clippers and Grizzlies. Even though I really like this Memphis team, I was kind of hoping the Clippers won because I had never been to a playoff game, and might as well see a closeout one, right? Well, sadly, that didn't happen, as the Grizz ended up winning 90-88. One of those points was gifted to Memphis on a technical foul. A technical foul that I didn't understand when I saw it, and one that I still don't understand now. Apparently Reggie Evans high-fived Blake Griffin after a foul. And then he was slapped with a technical by official Marc Davis. I legitimately cannot see anything that Evans did wrong. Maybe you can?

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