Friday, May 4

Ranking the Pokemon: #90- Koffing

Koffing was one of the first Pokemon I ever heard of, and in fact, was the first Pokemon trading card I ever got. It was a slightly bent, generic card my friend Chris gave me, and I was like, "I don't know what any of this means, but I like this dude's face." Throughout my life (at least to the present day) I would go on to collect nearly three times as many Pokemon cards as I did that fateful day when I got my Koffing, but nothing could top the original.

Koffing also gets some bonus points because I like its yell of "Kofffinnnngggg!" AND it reminds me of Pigpen from the Peanuts series, mainly because it always has a cloud of stink around it, much like Pigpen does. Or maybe Pigpen's is just dust, but you'd think being that dirty all the time would lead to some rank smells.

Oh yes, the actual battling ability. Koffing's not great at that--it has really high Defense and okay Special and Attack. But it's a Poison type, which means the moves it learns naturally are pretty bad (save for Explosion, a more powerful version of Self-Destruct, which Koffing also learns). But via TM Koffing can become kind of well-rounded, learning Thunderbolt and Fire Blast. I don't know what else you'd throw in that 4th spot, though, since Poison moves are TERRIBLE, only damaging Bug and Grass types, which Fire Blast does far better than, a Poison attack like, say, Sludge would. Regardless of what you pick, you're probably going down quickly if you use a Koffing, so you might as well tack on Toxic as the 4th move, poison your foe and then explode when your opponent invariably switches out to reduce the damge the poisoning does. Unless they're dumb. Which they very well may be.

But the real reason Koffing is this high? This video.

Battling Grade: D+

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