Thursday, May 10

Ranking the Pokemon: #86- Charmander

Like most people, Charmander was one of the first Pokemon I ever learned about. But while most people might learn Pikachu and the three starters and then call it a day, I wanted to discover ALL 151 Pokemon. And discover them I did.

Something else I discovered is that Char Char is pretty darn good among unevolved Pokes, which makes it pretty close to the middle overall. It has very good Speed and solid Attack and Special (considering it's the first in a line of three fireballs), and can learn a barrage of decent moves, outside of the expected Fire type moves, like Dig and Dragon Rage (our first Dragon type move!'s the only Dragon move in the entire first generation of games. And it always does 40 damage. Always. So early on if Charmander knows it it's fantastic. Otherwise, meh). Plus it's overwhelmingly cute, which always gets bonus points in my book. I'd like to imagine all Pokes are kinda cuddly and fun to have as pets, even though most of them might rip my head off.

One fun fact about Charmie: Its power is drawn from the flame of its tail. I wonder what it does in a rain storm or if an overzealous birthday kid gets a little too ambitious blowing out their candles.

Battling Grade: C+

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