Monday, May 21

Lazy Sunday 2: The Last Digital Short Ever?

One of the highlights of Saturday Night Live has been the Digital Shorts. You remember last week there was a celebration of the 100th D.S. Well, this time Andy Samberg and company are back with "Lazy Sunday 2" featuring Chris Parnell. Since "Lazy Sunday" was basically the sketch that launched the viral video craze, was one of the first digital shorts, and put Samberg on the map, this seems like a pretty clever way for Samberg to announce he's leaving the show. Which is too bad, because the Digital Shorts are something I always looked forward to, and if they're not part of SNL, the show takes a big hit. 

Hopefully there are still more digital shorts to come, but listening to the end of "Lazy Sunday 2" doesn't bode well for Samberg fans:

"On these New York streets, I honed my fake rap penmanship," Samberg says. "That's how it began," Parnell chimes in; "And that's how I'ma finish it!" Samberg yells as the sketch closes.

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