Monday, April 23

Metta World Peace Reverts to Ron Artest with a Horrible Elbow

The Oklahoma City Thunder and the Los Angeles Lakers are two of the favorites to come out of the Western Conference this year, so it's only fitting that a game between them would have lots of energy, emotion, and tension. And when you put those things together, chances are the artist formerly known as Ron Artest, who's been suspended 13 times already in his career, is going to do something crazy. That craziness unfolded late in the second quarter, when World Peace had a nice throwdown over Serge Ibaka, but then went way too far with his celebration.

World Peace jumps up and down after scoring (as any teenager might do), and then cocks his arm back and unleashes an elbow right into James Harden's head, knocking the bearded one to the ground. Harden remained on the floor for several minutes while World Peace got into a verbal scuffle with Ibaka and appeared to almost go into a fighting stance. Harden suffered a concussion and World Peace is definitely getting a multi-game suspension for this, which means each of these Western Conference stalwarts will be missing a piece come playoff time. Check out the nastiness below.

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