Monday, April 9

Louis Oosthuizen Had the Best Shot of the Masters

He also has the best name, but that's a story for a different day. While Bubba Watson ultimately ended up putting on the green jacket (and many congrats to him), Oosthuizen was the runner-up and had an albatross on the second hole. That's also known as a double eagle. As in, the hole was a par-5, and he holed it in TWO SHOTS. Simply amazing. My favorite part of the video, which the announcers start to allude to as the video cuts off, is that Louis's shot can be so accurate, yet the high five with his caddie barely makes contact. Quite impressive. I also like the announcer's reaction to the shot, too.

Seeing as how I spent hours on Mario Golf 64 trying to get an albatross and that one hole in the desert--I don't remember the hole or even the name of the level, but I know you could hit the ball on this little remote isle on the side and then with luck could albatross it in from there. But even with the ability to restart the hole every time I failed, I couldn't pull off an albie. And Oosthuizen did it on one try. Insane.

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