Sunday, April 1

IMDABES = Da Bes Song Out Rite Now

What better time than April Fool's Day to post about a song that has to be a joke. It HAS to be. But it's offensively catchy, in that you hate that you have it stuck in your head. It literally upsets you that this song, by YouTuber gmcfosho, buries its way into your ears and has you humming the beat, which is literally gmc humming. The music video itself is also entertaining, as it's just gmc standing on a car while some other stuff happens in front of him. All in super slow motion. 

Another fantastic attribute of the song is the subtitles at the bottom. Things are usually misspelled. Comically. With amazing lines like "I don't have 2 count 2 know I'm werth a billyun/u kno whut? bigga #/I am werth a gillyun" and "IMDABES at watchin 1990's videos/Power Rangers All That Kenan Kel/Aw here it goes," how could you NOT enjoy it? It's riddled with swag and comedic gold, too. If this isn't bumpin' in people's cars by the summer, I'm going to be sad. Check it out below.

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