Thursday, April 5

Blake Griffin Dunks Again, I'm Running Out of Hyperbole To Use

It's no secret by now that Blake Griffin knows how to dunk. He's good at it. Kendrick Perkins can attest to that. So can anyone from 2010 that Griffin posterized. Add Pau Gasol to that list. In Wednesday's game against the Lakers, BG took a pass and headed toward the basket. Pau Gasol tried to get in the way and block the dunk. Pau Gasol failed. 

To add injury to insult, Griffin kind of shoved Gasol over after he dunked at him and then did his patented "Blake Griffin staredown." No one on the Lakers liked that--Gasol got back up and wanted to chase after Griffin, Kobe got his Kobe face and started going off, and the Lakers ended up winning 113-108. But all anyone's going to remember is Pau Gasol getting demolished. And oh yeah, it happened TWICE. Griffin also had a tip-in slam over Gasol for the Clips' first points of the game.

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