Monday, March 26

Tim Duncan Gets a "DNP - Old" in Box Score

There are a variety of reasons an NBA player might not play during a game. They may be hurt, in which case they'd take a "DNP - Inactive" or "DNP - Mild Tennis Elbow." They may be a lower-rung player that just didn't get into the game, which would result in a "DNP - Coach's Decision." But never has a player not played because he was too old. Until Sunday night, when Spurs coach Gregg Popovich came right out and said Tim Duncan didn't play because he was "old." Somehow Duncan still picked up a technical foul from the bench, but as San Antonio beat Philadelphia by 17 points, it wasn't too rough in the grand scheme of things. Although I wonder if getting a tech and not playing counts as the opposite of a trillion...

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