Monday, March 12

SNL Parodies Sport Science; Jonah Hill Gets Hit in the Groin. A Lot.

Saturday Night Live has been in a dry spell this season. Outside of Jason Segel and Zooey Deschanel's episodes (Zooey's in particular was very funny), there have been just a couple laughs per episode. That number jumped up to a few in the most recent episode with Jonah Hill, and a lot of them came from the latest Digital Short.

In the clip, Andy Samberg spoofs John Brenkus in ESPN's Sport Science, on a show called Science Finders. Samberg and his team want to demonstrate how certain actions can make the heart beat faster, such as getting hit in the groin with a tennis ball. This clip, in typical Digital Short fashion, is pretty stupid, but the noise Jonah Hill makes when the ball makes contact is worth the price of admission alone. And since it's replayed like twenty times from every conceivable angle, you get to hear it a ton. And there's a nice celebrity cameo as well as a twist ending. Check it out!

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