Wednesday, March 28

Meet the Newest Prospect for the Cardinals: Minor League Guy

This is a couple days old, but it's so good I legitimately do not care. In Saturday's game between the Cardinals and Mets, somehow the rosters got lost, and, needing to show a graphic for a pinch runner, Fox Sports Midwest went with an accurate statement: "Minor League Guy." He also appears to be missing part of his right arm, which I believe is not actually the case.

Of course, this lead to rampant comedy on the interwebs, most notably Deadspin providing an entire backstory on young Minor League Guy. He does have a real identity, though: his name is Oscar Taveras, and he's apparently a pretty good prospect to boot. Oops.

To add to the hilarity, Fox Sports Midwest spokesman Geoff Goldman added this: "Our apologies to Oscar Taveras. He's the Cardinals top hitting prospect, so we expect to be identifying him as a 'major league guy' in the next few years."

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