Thursday, February 23

Xenoblade Chronicles Available on Nintendo Wii April 6

I got an email from Nintendo today with some nice non-news: that Xenoblade Chronicles, a game that up until recently had no plans to be localized for the North American market, is coming out April 6, and The Last Story, another game with no plans for said localization, will follow shortly. The whole email was pretty much a list of Nintendo releases coming out from now until then. None of it was too important, and the main reason I'm even writing about it is that I wanted to share this video below. 

A little back story: When there were no plans to release these games to North America, there was an uproar amongst fans of the games, since apparently these are like the greatest RPGs ever. While the group, codenamed Operation Rainfall, was pretty annoying, they were at least generally civil about their case. And they've been rewarded. But this guy was easily the highlight of the whole thing, with one of the silkiest voices ever. Taken a listen.

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