Monday, February 13

Rhythm Heaven Fever Launching Today

Since the good folks at Nintendo, Giant Robot and iam8bit were kind enough to host a free party Friday night, the least I can do is write about the reason for the party--Rhythm Heaven Fever, which comes out today on the Nintendo Wii.

I got there late, so no lines for me!
The game goes for $29.99, and to be honest, that might even be a little much. I only got to try out a couple of the 50+ minigames, and I'm sure part of the problem was that you need to be able to hear the music of the game, and since this was a party of sorts, there was plenty of background music and noise. And I was a little surprised that you really don't even utilize the Wii's capabilities--the only "movement" is pushing the A or B button, and I suppose any auxiliary movement your head and/or feet make.

Photo booth-esque shenanigans with some chums.
But, the kiddies should eat this one up, since it's full of ridiculous cartoons, from talking monkeys to...well, larger talking monkeys, and pigs, stars, whales, and many other things I can't even classify. I also definitely enjoyed the event, with free food, dranks, and entertainment, and of course, the opportunity to play the game at like 20 different areas. Beautiful.  

Attendees were able to embarrass themselves with a six-second
dance video that can be viewed on the Internets for all to see.

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