Friday, February 17

Conan O'Brien Shows Some Other Jeremy Lin Ads That Didn't Make the Cut

In case you've missed the phenomenon that is Jeremy Lin (in which case, you're very lucky, because it's really all anyone can talk about), he's salvaged the Knicks season by helping them reel off seven straight wins--four against league bottom-feeders, but that never gets mentioned--and has taken the nation's hearts by storm. I like Lin and hope he does well, I just hate the whole circus around him.

But, fortunately, we have Conan O'Brien and company to help make things a little easier. In Wednesday night's win over the Kings, MSG Network showed a fan-made sign that depicted Lin's head in between a cracked fortune cookie with the phrase "The Knicks Good Fortune." Not surprisingly, this has been considered by many as a racist message, and MSG is taking heat for showing it. Conan brings this up on his show, but then goes over some of the other racist ads that aren't getting quite as much publicity. Check 'em out below.

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