Sunday, January 22

Mascot Dunks Basketball, Breaks Backboard

With the Indiana Pacers on a road trip, the team thought it was best if Boomer, their mascot, went on the road to local Indiana high schools to perform at halftime shows. Gotta stay keen on your senses, after all. Thus, the panther made an appearance at the New Palestine/Triton Central game on Friday night. One of the elements of his halftime show is a dunk off a trampoline. After finishing his flip and slamming one home, the backboard shatters as cheerleaders scatter all over the place. No one was hurt, fortunately, and some rowdy fans even get to rush the court.

New Palatine ended up winning the game 70-45, making this the most exciting part of the game. The second half was played in the school's auxiliary gym. Lucky they had a backup plan!

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