Wednesday, August 10

Ranking the Pokemon: #140- Goldeen

Goldeen is one of many Water-type Pokemon that just isn't very good. From the time it made its appearance in Super Smash Bros., with the POWERFUL Splash move, it has let players know a simple truth: "Hey, there are many good Water types, and I'm not one of them." It learns a flying move in Peck, which I guess would allow it to do some damage to any Grass type that doesn't automatically kill it. It also gets Horn Drill and the unique (at the time) Waterfall. Since Waterfall is like a lesser Bubblebeam (which is already a subpar Hydro Pump, which is a pedestrian-at-best Surf), you probably wouldn't even be using it. Just like you shouldn't be using Goldeen.

Grade: D 

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