Tuesday, July 19

Ranking the Pokemon: #150- Ditto

Ditto could arguably be the worst Pokemon, but there is a disgust for Farfetch'd that reaches farther than that for Ditto. Plus, at least Ditto's sort of cool as a gimmick. It looks like a blob of pink silly putty, which I suppose it is, since the only move it has is Transform. The main problem with Ditto is that its stats suck, so it usually gets hit twice before it transforms (once as Ditto, and then it's a 50/50 chance to get hit once more as the transformed 'mon). There's also the drawback that most likely the Pokemon you transform to will have at least one move that its resistant to, since, for example, a fire type would have a fire move. This makes Ditto nothing more than, as was mentioned earlier, a gimmick. Which is fine, but it also looks like an idiot, so it loses a ton of coolness points for that.

Grade: F

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